‘I’ve always loved the designs on modern craft beer cans and have quite a collection from around the world! Due to being made redundant from my job as a flight attendant as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this was the push I needed to begin candlemaking full time.

~ Jen, Owner & Founder

The Process

After the tops of cans are removed and glass bottles cut, they are then hand-sanded to minimise sharp or rough edges. Every care is taken to ensure as smooth an edge as possible, however please be aware some minor imperfections may remain. 

The soy or coconut wax used in every candle is vegan-friendly derived from natural ingredients, which burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. As a result this produces less soot, creating an overall longer-lasting and safer candle. The hot wax is then poured into the cans or bottles at its optimum temperature for a perfect scent throw. 

I choose paraben-free fragrance or essential oils never tested on animals, and scents which compliment the can design or tasting notes of the original ale*. All candles bear stickers with their relevant CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) information – a legal requirement for any product containing fragrance or essential oils. It is always advised to check these before purchasing, and remember some essential oils in particular can be harmful to pets.

Once set, the candles are again cleaned and packaged in recyclable material ready for their forever home!


*Please note my products are personally upcycled and not in any way endorsed by any of the brands shown. Cans and bottles are donated from local businesses, friends and of course myself!

Caring For Your Candle

🕯Always keep the wick trimmed, ideally to 2mm – this ensures a good quality and even burn
🕯Be mindful of the decorative string which should be removed when burning
🕯Citronella scented candles where applicable should only be burned outdoors – although they are not particularly dangerous, this type of scent in the air can lead to residue left on fabric which can be hard to remove!
🕯Do not burn candles for more than four hours at a time, keeping on a level surface and away from pets and children
🕯Although every care is taken to minimise sharp edges, some can remain so suggest using a long safety gas lighter when lighting